Pit Crew Approach to Pre Hospital Trauma Resuscitation

Ray Quinn, David Menzies, Angela Sheridan, Mark O'Byrne, Mark O'Neill, Phil Darcy, Danny Dowdall

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.32378/ijp.v3i2.127



Pre hospital trauma care is often delivered by dual crewed ambulances supported by additional resources as necessary and available. Coordinating resuscitation of a critically injured patient may require multiple simultaneous actions. Equally, a large number of practitioners can hinder patient care if not coordinated.


To describe a multi disciplinary, scaleabe approach to pre hospital trauma care suitable for small and large multi disciplinary teams. Methods The MCI medical team (as part of Motorsport Rescue Services) is a PHECC-registered multidisciplinary team, which provides medical cover at Motorcycle road racing events in Ireland. The MCI medical team has significant experience of major trauma and routinely performs prehospital anaesthesia for trauma patients. We have evolved a pit crew approach to trauma care with pre defined roles and interventions assigned to a five person team, three clinical members, a scribe and a team lead. The approach is both scalable and collapsible, meaning that if multiple patients are present, roles can be merged; if additional clinical input is required, roles can also be supplemented. Each team member carries equipment and medications specific to their role, allowing efficiencies at the patients side.


The pit crew approach to pre hospital trauma care has evolved over a decade and is routinely implemented at motorcycle road races in Ireland.


The pit crew trauma approach, although applicable to a pre defined five person team in unique circumstances, may also be applicable to ad hoc clinical teams that typically form in the pre hospital arena.


Trauma; Resuscitation; Team; Pit Crew

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ATLS Manual 2016

ATACC Manual 2014

MCI Medical Team SOPS 2018

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.32378/ijp.v3i2.127


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