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Viet Nam

Bio Statement With geo-location, beautifully situated on the gentle slopes of a hill under the front beach of Mui Ne beach, the resort offers guests an ideal vision when looking at Phan Thiet. With the layout create distance, harmony between the villa and the bungalow rooms, all with patio area and outdoor balcony so you can easily sightseeing around the beach and embrace the cool breeze blowing from the sea. The cliff resort mui ne has 5 villas big luxury with full modern amenities such as shower, bath, outdoor, special, private dining room, separate kitchen, so guests can cook funding for his loved ones to enjoy. The villa is located right under the foot of the hill help you can soak up the vast sea right after just the out of the pool.

Here, tourists also participate in the recreational activities: outdoor swimming pool so guests can soak in the water enjoy the comfortable relaxation after a day of work or exploring the city. Special Spa where it will give you a the data free for 90 minutes for two people in the room, including sauna, tachi and sitting meditation. In addition, you also enjoy the cuisine at a restaurant here with the traditional flavors of Vietnam or of the international with the raw material is the fresh seafood is caught right in the day through hand-processing of the professional chef with diverse menu and rich. Owned staff, reception, cute, friendly and open professional training style, courtesy and attitude, elegant, shaved, sure you will satisfy all the needs of our customers when you stay.